The Pulse8 Methodology for Successful Outsourcing

At Pulse8 we specialise in providing business with tailored solutions utilising both local and offshore teams and resources in over 12 countries.


Project Planning and Documentation

We commence with compiling and documenting a detailed needs analysis; inclusive of the position description or functional requirements, infrastructure and technology requirements, associated standard operating procedures, training materials and on-going support requirements. This will define the selection criteria that we will use when resourcing and recruiting candidates.

We tailor a transition plan to smoothly integrate delivery of our services into your existing local operations. The tasks required to be performed by the roles, along with the delivery model and measures, are backed by our Quality Management System and open communication channels.

Recruitment and Training

We find the best candidate for your project. Our recruitment and resourcing process includes behavioural psychometric testing as well as your specific skill-based testing tools.

For dedicated teams; we offer a short-list of up to 3 pre-screened candidates to interview and select for each role. Each short-listed candidate includes a summary of work history, experience relevant to the role, test results and preferred salary range. Once a team member has been selected, we then work with you to administer induction, training and on-going support to ensure successful onboarding and optimal speed to competency.

Infrastructure and Implementation

We provide a fully equipped office space with state of the art high capacity internet and voice technology. A technology assessment of your role requirements ensures your new resources have the necessary tools, networking and software systems.

Ongoing Delivery & Reporting

We give you direct oversight of your offshore team and operations. We provide on-going support of your team and allocated resources, and we facilitate on-going performance visibility via tailored reporting measuring all facets of your offshore operations in alignment with your local operations.

Service Level Agreement

An agreed Service Level Agreement guides the ongoing performance and relationship for continuous improvement.


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